Microneedling treatment hyderabad

Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) involves usage of fine needles to create hundreds of tiny, invisible puncture wounds on the top layer of skin. Sounds appealing right? Not so much I guess! Believe me; this minimally invasive treatment is virtually painless and incredibly effective. The micro-injuries created stimulate the body's natural wound healing process, resulting in cell turnover and increased collagen and elastin production, therefore reversing as well as preventing signs of ageing.

The derma roller is one of the oldest natural remedies for removing wrinkles, acne scars and stretch marks. It also encourages collagen production, which increases drug delivery system, stimulates the fibroblasts, minimizes the epidermal damage and provides many more advantages to the skin. Studies have shown that when the needles of the derma roller were rolled over the skin it caused the skin to launch its repair mode by increasing collagen production. This is something that everyone including anyone over 40 yrs. of age can use. Studies performed on 600 people with ageing skin and acne scars reported that there was a 60% reduction in scars and an incredible 40% improvement in skin rejuvenation.

Micro Needling Skin Rejuvenating Treatment

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