Hydra Facial

Hydrafacial treatment in hyderabad

Hydra Facial is a treatment that promises a clear, more hydrated, younger-looking skin immediately. Treatments that are heavy with exfoliation and extractions leave the skin inflamed for hours are unlike Hydra Facial which prides itself on being just as aggressive—without the aggression. The Hydra Facial bills itself as ideal for all skin types and targets hyperpigmentation, oily/congested pores, fine lines, and wrinkles. It can be done in a derma’s clinic or in a medical spa and usually takes just 20 to 30 minutes. The technician uses a small "deplaning" tool that opens pores and sweeps the uppermost layer of makeup debris and dead skin cells away. Then an acid peel is put on which is gentle enough to create the faintest tingle.

Then, the technician uses something rather elaborately called a vortex-extraction nozzle which acts as a vacuum. The sucking sound it makes is oddly satisfying, but the best part is the cup at the base of the machine which shows the exact extract. Then, the vortex-fusion tool infuses an antioxidant-and- collagen-rich serum into the skin to promote elasticity and hydration.

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