QSwitch Treatment

The Q-Switch method is a US FDA approved, safe, non-surgical treatment to get rid of those unwanted dark circles, sun spots or pigmentations spots, and also helps in other facial treatment and tattoo removal. It is an effective method to treat isolated coloured spots, large or small, on your body without harming the surrounding skin area. We use RevaLite, which is FDA approved equipment for the treatment.

The concerned area is cleansed, cooled, and then the laser is administered which releases the pigment into the skin which is absorbed naturally and then removed by the body. One would require 4-6 sittings for the result to be visible. 
It is widely used in anti-ageing, skin toning, brightening & whitening of the skin, treating dark lips, dark circles, post acne pigmentation scars and pigmentation around the mouth and laser toning.
As a post-treatment precaution, stay away from direct sunlight for the next two days at least. Apply sunscreen and moisturizer generously. Applying make-up is also good protection for your skin. Apply using only your fingers and not a sponge or brush.



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