Body Sculpting

Submental Fat/Double Chin

Submental Fat/Double Chin

The Body Sculpting Center at Connecticut Dermatology Group (CDG) has recently introduced our newest treatment option, a CoolSculpting procedure for the chin and neck area known as CoolMini™

The CoolMini (™) is the newest applicator for the CoolSculpting System and is FDA-cleared for the treatment of the double-chin or submental fat.

Skin changes over time, due to different reasons. Unlike belly fat and other common problem areas on the body, chin fat or double chin cannot be easily covered with clothing.

If you are not happy with your chin, then this innovative CoolSculpting treatment could be an option for you. The applicator for this treatment is smaller than the regular applicator and is designed to treat smaller pockets of fat, making it perfect for people who have chin fat or a double chin.

This procedure is non-invasive, with no needles and no surgery. Patients usually have one to two treatments separated by a month with minimal downtime. Patients may even see results as early as three weeks, but can notice full results two to three months after the treatment.

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