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Science of Ayurveda

Ayurveda-the ancient Medical Wisdom takes a holistic view of health. The 'Science of life' beautifully describes different dimensions of health, how and why disease develops, what are methods of diagnosis & total health care in both preventive and curative aspect. It does not aim to cure the disease instead it helps to re-harmonise the body, mind and soul.

Health is a dynamic balance in all aspects of life- physical, mental, spiritual, social, biochemical levels.

Ayurveda does not cure the disease but gets to the root cause, corrects imbalances and improves immunity, metabolism and general wellbeing. The central goal of Ayurveda is simple - to establish perfect harmony and radiant health.


The ancient medical wisdom ‘AYURVEDA’ addresses to complex diseases of modern era .

The strong Pillars or Foundation of Ayurvedic Science are:

  • PRAKRITI – Ayurvedic assessment of your unique Constitution
  • PANCHAKARMA – Bio Purification
  • SATWAWAJAYA – Balancing Mind and Cognition

PRAKRITI is like a unique finger print and is based on our physical, physiological and psychological make up. Prakriti assessment by an ayurvedic expert helps in diagnosis and designing a personalized prescription and holistic treatment for you.

PANCHAKARMA are five cleansing regime for removing the toxins, cellular debris and accumulated wastes from the body channels. Clinical Panchakarma works in cellular level hence called Bio Purification and improves metabolism and immunity.

SATWAWAJAYA- Satwa is mind, Awajaya is to win over. The focus is on balancing mind, emotions and intellect for a healthy transformation , to explore human capabilities to maximum potential for a stress free, joyful and happy mind.

RASAYANA – The Ayurvedic rejuvenators Rasayana is unique herbal formulation prescribed for optimum functioning of human body and mind. They are immune modulators, anti aging and functional medicine to improve health and wellbeing.


Integrates ancient medical wisdom, advanced diagnostics and authentic treatments.

The integrated approach @ REVA AYURVEDA helps in natural healing mechanism which in turn reduces stress, increases harmony, increases immunity and metabolism and brings positive changes in life.

  • Ayurvedic assessment- to know your body constitution, imbalances and correct them.
  • Standardised Ayurvedic products (ISO Certified and GMP).
  • Traditional Kerala Ayurvedic therapy.
  • Ayurvedic diet.
  • Relaxation& Health Psychology.
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