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Rejuvenation - Rasayana Therapy

Turn back the clock, reverse ageing, revitalize your body and mind

Geriatrics is comparatively a new branch in Modern medicine but Ayurveda had laid emphasis on this aspect from time immemorial-how to slow down the process of ageing?

The Therapy includes soothing oil massages, relaxation therapy, Ayurvedic diet and detox followed by an herbal formulation called Rasayana which helps to revitalise the body tissues.

  • Rejuvenation therapy eliminates the sources and causes of degeneration from the system.
  • Renewing the body from time to time is the objective of specialised course of treatment called Rasayana therapy.
  • After bio-purification, Rasayana intake (polyherbal formulation with natural anti-oxidants) retards the ageing process and provides unlimited curative powers to the body and mind by repairing worn out tissues. Therefore revitalizing the body, increasing memory, improving vigour and vitality.

Rejuvenation therapy will begin with a consultation and Ayurvedic assessment with the doctor who will tailor a programme according to body constitution and specific health concerns.

Detox and Rasayana therapy for 7, 14 or 21 days. This helps relieve the stressful impacts of the hectic lifestyle and restores the balance in your body and mind, revitalizes & rejuvenates deeply.

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