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From Fat to Fit - Ayurvedic Obesity Management

We all want to get into shape, be energetic, enthusiastic and take charge of our life. But the technological advancement, work culture, sedentary habits and food culture have made us lazy, bulky and obese.

Ayurvedic Obesity Management

Obesity is an epidemic problem today with all genres; urban and rural, men and women, aged as well as children!

Belly Blast - is a Standardised Programme focusing Central Obesity.

Obesity is not just accumulation of excess body fat but also potential increase in your risk to health hazards like high B.P, cholesterol, Cardiac and Respiratory complaints, Diabetes, Digestive complaints ,joint pains, Infertility etc.

Ayurvedic approach for permanent Weight loss is a unique one. Assessment of your body constitution, metabolism, grading of Obesity, identifying and addressing the underlying causes of Obesity:

  • Promoting proper thyroid metabolism,
  • Restoring liver function,
  • Detox of body channels(Panchakarma),
  • Promoting proper digestion and metabolism,
  • Identifying nutritional deficiencies and intestinal imbalance.

Treatment with herbs, diet and lifestyle modifications, Ayurveda Panchakarma, Metabolisers, Deep tissue massage and heat therapies helps to maintain your ideal weight and stay healthy. Applying medicinal paste with suitable herbs and medicated scrub removes dead cells, which helps in toning skin, firms the muscle, removes cellulite.

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