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About Reva

Reva Clinic is a state-of-the-art integrated medical facility that combines the best of functional and aesthetic medicine from around the globe under one roof. Reva Clinic aims to minimize, and in some cases reverse, the debilitating and disfiguring signs of Aging.

Functional and Aesthetic medicine are much more complementary than most patients and doctors realize. Reva combines both approaches in order to help patients achieve and maintain their optimal individual health and aesthetic goals. The Functional Medicine arm of the clinic empowers patients to maintain themselves free of toxic exposure, attain a healthier lifestyle, correct their metabolic imbalances and existing medical conditions, optimize their antioxidant status, improve their digestion and absorption, and, as a consequence, attain a functionally optimal and visually pleasing presence in their world. The Aesthetic Medicine arm of the clinic further builds on this root-cause approach to aesthetically correct, maintain and enhance a patient’s appearance and is the silent reason behind some of the most beautiful celebrity faces in India.

Reva is focused on helping patients stay healthy and beautiful and defy the age and lifestyle related deterioration of the body. In other words, by rehabilitating the physiology of our patients, and implementing preventive techniques, as well as hormone and nutrient repletion, we would maintain every individual in an optimal state of function as well as beauty and involve Aesthetic intervention as necessary or desired to help them be the best they can be.

Reverse Aging (Rev-a) is more than just drinking from the elusive fountain of youth. Reva stands by every patient to help them take long-lasting control of their vibrant lives.


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