As women, all we wish to have is – a smooth, hair-free skin. Hair removal is part of our daily grooming routine. Although there are multiple options such as shaving, tweezing or waxing, we all long for a permanent solution for hair removal, so that the time we spend in parlors can be utilized for something worthwhile. With the advent of new technology, all you need is to shed out some extra bucks from your pocket—to get your own hair-free, pristine skin!

History of hair removal treatments

Hair removal has always been a topic of concern for women since decades. In 1915, Gillette invented its first razor for women- this was no less than a boon for women that time. Although many depilatory hair removal creams had hit the market, shaving was still the top priority as it had no skin irritation issues which the creams had. Later in 1960s, wax strips were introduced. These were found to be better than razors as waxing had longer lasting effects. Nowadays, regular self-grooming has become necessary for women and owing to their busy lifestyles, they are not able to give adequate time for procedures such as waxing. Laser hair removal had been introduced just in the past decade and its popularity is increasing day by day owing to its high success rates. Laser hair removal is truly a blessing in disguise for the millennial women.

All about laser hair removal

In Laser hair removal/reduction procedure, highly concentrated beams of light are projected into hair follicles. The pigment in the follicles absorb the high energy radiation and this finally destroys the hair. This technique can be effectively used to treat larger areas of the skin in a single session and causes minimal discomfort as it is a non-invasive and convenient.

When do I need laser hair removal?

You are the right candidate for laser hair removal:

  • If your excess facial or body hair is bothering you
  • If you have dark hairs and light skin
  • If you want to have easy and permanent hair removal solution

How should I prepare for laser hair removal?

Make a list of your questions that need to be clarified before the procedure and get your answers from your doctor before you consider opting for this procedure. Your surgeon will explain you about all the pretreatment measures.

You must follow the following measures before undergoing laser hair removal:

  • Avoid sun and wear sunscreen
  • Avoid any temporary methods of hair removal (waxing, plunging, or electrolysis)
  • Avoid taking herbal medicines, aspirin and any other drugs without informing the surgeon
  • Keep yourself hydrated before and after the procedure to ensure safe recovery

How is the laser hair removal procedure performed?

Initially, your surgeon would place the eye shields to safeguard your eyes and to prevent damage to the retina and cornea. A cooling agent is applied to the skin to avoid skin irritation and it also helps in easy penetration of laser light through the skin. The hair which is to be treated is trimmed to a few millimeters above the skin surface.

A test treatment is performed in advance to make sure that the procedure is appropriate for you. Later, a pulse of laser beam is given, and the treatment area is observed for several minutes for any untoward reactions.

To reduce the discomfort after the procedure, cold water or ice pack and anti-inflammatory lotions are given. You may need to undergo multiple laser treatment sessions to achieve optimal results.


You may resume back to your daily routine after the procedure. Your surgeon will explain you about the ways to take care of your skin, the symptoms that you may experience, and any complications that may occur after the procedure.

Celebrities who reaped the benefits of laser hair removal—

The famous American television personality Kim Kardashian, while talking about laser hair removal, tells us “staying pretty and laser hair removal are intertwined.”

Cameron Michelle Diaz, a popular American fashion model, says “grooming is my preference; laser it off to remove it forever.”

Laser Hair Reduction

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