Congratulations dear bride-to-be!Congratulations dear bride-to-be!

The To- Do list for a bride and a groom includes an enormous list of tasks such as pre-wedding photo shoots, invitations, bachelorette party, checking on wedding planners and so on. While handling these things, another major wedding goal is to have a beautiful glowing face, body and hair for the D-day, which requires a little extra effort.

Here are 10 tips that would help you to be a perfect looking bride.

    1. Eat right
      You are what you eat! The diet rich in calcium, iron, protein, vitamins B3, B6, B12 and antioxidants will work great for your skin. Include spinach, tomatoes, broccoli, avocados, oranges, eggs and fish in your regular meals. Control your sugar cravings as reducing sugar intake can help you lose weight and keep your skin fresh and clear. It is good to visit a nutritionist and have a customised diet plan for a healthy skin and body.
    2. Avoid acne breakouts
      Wedding preparations are usually stressful. This stress can also cause acne breakouts. Choose creams that are rich in vitamin A, C, E and coenzyme Q10 and apply them regularly to your face and body to help reduce acne.
    3. Workout
      Daily workouts like jogging, yoga and gym will help you relieve stress and keep you fit.  Workouts also improve your blood circulation which helps to keep your skin soft and supple.
    4. Facials and peel off
      Facials and peel off work wonders to reduce blemishes, dirt, black spots, pigmentation and fine lines on the face.  Skin peels exfoliate the skin and give you a youthful and fresh look. Start your peel offs and facials well in advance to fetch better results.
    5. Lasers
      Laser treatment may help in achieving an even tone skin. Q switched NdYag is a laser therapy that is safe and good option to get a beautiful and glowing skin. However, it is important for you to discuss it with your doctor before you opt for one.
    6. Stretch marks and acne pits
      While dealing with pre-wedding issues like weight gain and acne, we might develop stretch marks and acne pits on the body and face. Micro-needling works wonders in removing the stretch marks and acne pits and gives you an even skin texture.
    7. Body Massage
      Body massages are great to improve blood circulation to your skin and to moisturise your skin. Oil or cream massages on your feet, hands, neck and body will relieve stress and make you feel fresh.  It is good to have a body massage twice in a month.
    8. Haircare
      Thin and weak looking hair is the last thing we would want to have on a wedding day. Keep your hair free from dirt and dandruff. For lustrous and shiny hairs, oil your hair overnight before washing them and never forget to use chemical-free conditioners to condition them. Mesotherapy is a popular therapy that nourishes the weak looking hair and makes it strong and thick.
    9. Eyes and lips
      Tired looking eyes may spoil the charm of your face. Under-eye fillers reduce the tiredness and dark circles around the eye, which gives you wonderful, and sharp looking eyes. Gently massage your lips with a cream based moisturiser regularly before you sleep to avoid dry and peeling lips. Lip fillers are popularly used to plump lips and make the face look absolutely gorgeous.
    10. Sunscreen and moisture
      Basics first! No matter what, never let your skin dry or burn in the sun. Try to be indoors between 10 am and 4 pm.  Make sure you carry a moisturizer with sufficient SPF to avoid tanning and dryness of the skin.

Having a flawless skin and body is the top priority for your wedding day. Follow the bridal beauty regimen well in advance to have a perfect look on your big day. It sure takes some extra efforts, but all your hard work will pay off!!

Beauty tips for the bride-to-be

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