Winters are a wonderful time of the year to enjoy a hot cup of coffee while feeling cozy under a woolen blanket. However, the skin has an ill will towards winter. Low temperatures and humidity in winters cause skin dryness. Flaky skin, wrinkled skin under the eye, chapped lips and increased dandruff on the scalp are all the annoying problems associated with skin dryness. A little extra care can make a lot of difference in keeping your skin soft and healthy this winter.

Care for your Skin
Gift yourself a creamy moisturizer and face cream. Make sure that all your liquid shower gels and lotions are replaced with the creamy ones in winters. The creamy moisturizers settle down on the outer layer of your skin and lock the moisture. For better results, moisturizers should be applied to the damp skin, soon after your shower, as this keeps the skin hydrated for a long time.

Care for your Lips
Never apply petroleum gel to your dry lips; it will only worsen the condition. Instead, go for a cream-based chapstick. A drop of ghee also does wonders to relieve lip dryness. Avoid licking your lips to relieve from the discomfort caused by dryness; doing this can cause rashes around your lip area.

Care for your Eyes
The skin surrounding the eyes is more prone to become dry because they do not have oil glands. Apply cold cream gently around the eye before crashing on the bed, this will help!

Care for your Hair
The reduced moisture on the scalp causes dandruff, dry and brittle hair during winters. Olive oil massage or deep condition, at least once a week will keep the hair moistened. Wash your hair with lukewarm water and avoid excess use of shampoo, as it aggravates dandruff on the scalp.

Points to ponder

  • Moisturisers may cause a burning sensation when applied on dry and flaky skin during winters. Do not worry, this burning sensation will reduce over time but do not stop applying moisturizers.
  • Who doesn’t love a hot shower or hot tub bath in chilly winters? However, prolonged exposure to hot water may worsen skin dryness.
  • Never scrub the skin in winters. As the skin tends to be dry in winters, scrubbing will further damage it.
  • Acidic substances aggravate dryness. Thus, do not use a face mask that has acidic fruits in them.

This may help!

  • Take plenty of warm fluids and healthy amounts of oils in the food.
  • Oil your hair overnight to keep it moistened.
  • Massage your skin with body oils before you go for a shower.
  • Foods like fish, egg whites, chicken, nuts, beans, milk and yogurt helps to keep your skin moisturized from inside out.

DIY beauty tips

  • Coconut oil is bliss for your body to tackle winters. Ten minutes of body massage with coconut oil before having shower can keep your skin conditioned and moisturized.
  • Honey and banana face mask works wonders for relieving skin dryness and itching on the face.
  • Olive oil and lemon is a perfect combination to relieve dandruff. Few minutes of head massage before washing your hair does the work.
  • Exercise increases circulation to the skin and keeps it nourished, this is the best way to keep you young and healthy.
  • Isn’t sleeping the best thing you would love to do in winters, take it up! Get sufficient sleep at nights, this will again help your skin glow.
  • Water is the best source to keep your skin hydrated. Eight glasses of water in a day will delight your skin.

A person with a healthy skin will have a healthy body. Good skin care decreases the impact of harmful environmental factors on the skin, which is important to age gracefully. A beautiful skin never fails to carry confidence and pride. Beauty not admired, is a sin! You are beautiful!

Simple, yet effective ways to manage skin and scalp dryness this winter

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