— If you have dry skin, then try 50 SPE If your skin is oily try 20 to 30 SPF gel based sunscreens.


— If you have an oily skin, you still need to use the face masks that are easily available. In case you have dry skin, use liberal and creamy moisturizers.


— As you grow older, the skin’s capacity to get rid of the dead cells gets less. One of the best home care tips is use any part of the fruit which you are eating for the moment, on your face too, since it contains enzymes and vitamins to give the necessary hydration.
Dr Rashmi Shetty’s special interest and expertise has always been aesthetics of the face where she undoubtedly holds safety as the highest priority For an exquisite and one—in—a—million feel and to bid adieu to aging process, contact the renowned expert who has made her mark on celebrities and the women next door!

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