The best solution is to choose a good home care regime i.e. protect, nourish, cleanse and replenish. Use sun protection with a good sunscreen as sun is the most important accelerator of aging.To cleanse, use a good face wash. For nourishing or replenishing, you need to use moisturizers, skin lightening creams, antioxidants or vitamins or even night care creams.

A lot rebalancing and readjusting of the hormones happens in the first two hours of night, so it’s important to sleep early and wake up early to cheat aging.

Do not skip any one ingredient and have a balanced meal; even oils are essential fats that are required for tissue building and are required for vitamins to be absorbed by the body

Exercise is very important to release the happy hormones that translate into a skin glow and keep a good posture that the muscles can hold on to, an important anti—ageing tool.

Anti – Ageing Tips

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